Friday, 8 July 2016

Trashed Aacdemy Kent

Not an explore in the usual sense of the meaning,well not the way i normally go about things..But an offer came up and a chance was had to go visit somewhere to help a chap out so i took it..

No history no real name etc etc..

Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Marden Mine Surrey

This was explored shortly after we had been for a look round Godstone and in my mind even a fair bit smaller than Godstone it was much more enjoyable and nicer to photograph

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Marden Mine is the easternmost of the major quarries along Godstone Hill. This is very similar to Main Series with an almost identical development and usage. This quarry was also a secure store during WW2 and continued to be worked for hearthstone for a short period after WW2.
The area around Marden Mine is riddled with numerous smaller holes and collapses indicating the remains of more hearthstone mines

on with some pict0rs

Monday, 4 April 2016

Surrey Stone Quaries 2014-2015

There is a lot of information on the types of mines/quarries in this area and a lot of archived accounts of trips into these locations but not a huge amount of information on the specific locations.So i shall post the pictures and leave it at that

Visited with Obscurity over several visits!

Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Godstone Mine Surrey 2016

Myself and obscurity had put some time and travel into this place and things just hadn't gone according to plan so when opportunity came knocking and  i got a message we all jumped in the car to get a look around this one which is a pretty decent size and worth the look,It is of course looked after/maintained by a group who do a good job of keeping it accessible to keyholders and the such like,they seem to be doing much work in the place so hats off to them!

Visted with Obscurity ,SpaceInvader and Urbanginger..

The firestone quarries at Godstone Hill probably started in the early 17th century as two separate workings which merged in the 18th century. Firestone was used as a building stone and also as a refractory material, mainly used in the glass industry in the production of plate glass. The nearest glassworks was at Vauxhall in London, although Godstone firestone was distributed throughout Britain. The last firestone slabs were extracted in the first years of the 20th century. The workings were extended as a hearthstone mine in the nineteenth century, and adopted for growing mushrooms in the 20th century.

On with some pictures of our visit